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Kepler22b (Endor)

Facts of Kepler22b

Diameter=2.4 times that of Earth

Average Distance from its sun=79 million miles

Length of a Day=Earth like hours

Length of a Year=290 Days for one complete Orbit

Kepler22b Calculations

Number of moons=no moons

Number of rings=no rings

How old would I be on planet=615 years old

Value of "G"= 10.62

My weight on kepler22b=659.68kg

Distance from Earth=600 light years

Length of journey=23 million years

Kepler22b Pros and Cons

Facts of Planet:

* It was discovered in February 2011 and confirmed in December 2011

* The planet orbits a star similar in mass and radius to our own sun

* Little is known about the planets own orbit


*600 light years away

* Don't know what is on the planet

* Don't know what the atmosphere is like, or if there is oxygen

Solving Problems:

* Make a spaceship to go faster than years of light

* Make little huts that have oxygen in them

* Bring Oxygen masks and tanks