Social Media in the Classroom

A choice or a new way of life?

Opinions differ

Regardless of litterature sources, the diversity of theories surrounding the use of social media in the classroom are endless. Subsequently, some advantages and disadvantages are interpreted as follow.


In the classroom...

Social media tools can be used as teaching or communication mediums. Those who chose the latter will often benefit from its complex structure in order to encourage dialogue inside and outside of the classroom walls. This being said, an endless number of participants can collaborate and developp common ideas. Global learning in the classroom boosts commitment and in turn, leads to a high level of motivation which reflects the limited amount of disciplinary circumstaces one has to address. Social media tools links learners to real-life settings and offers a 24/7 online support system. A teacher can easily make use of social media tools to reinforce high level thinking. By developing collaboration skills, learners are working in parallel with this era's technological workforce.


In the classroom...

Online behavior must be considered as permanent and defining. Those who choose to misuse social media tools on a less than professional fashion risk wrongful judgement. As much as the new era can be exciting, it can also be distracting for some users. Its vast structure offers endless opportunities but is can easily become confusing for those who are not familiar with such mediums. Communication skills are done in real time, but not in an actual real world setting. Collaboration and exchanges are accommodating from afar and are limited to perceptions. Privacy risks and student integrity are also major factors to take into account when introducing social media in the classroom.

Ideas on how to integrate social media in your classroom...

Social Media and the Classroom