on Retreat Reflections From Sixth Graders

March 9, 2020
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Grade 6 Reflections

Grades 6, 7 and 8 had their retreat on March 3, 2020. The retreat was facilitated by a group called NET Ministries. NET Ministries is a team of young adults ranging from ages 18-28 that travels around the United States to facilitate all-day retreats for young members of the church and school communities. NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. You can learn more about NET Ministries by visiting their website.

The experience was new to the students as they had young adults speaking and sharing their faith with them. The sixth graders were asked what their favorite part of the retreat was. Below are their responses.

For Aaron, the best part was the small groups, when they played games and when they talked to God. D. said the retreat was a wonderful experience that gave new insights as a Catholic. Arya liked being able to talk in their small groups about themselves and how much they love God. Nina enjoyed the fruit basket activity. She had fun just moving all over the place. Taylor said the retreat was relaxing, especially when they were sharing their thoughts about God and Jesus. She liked the small group activity, too, as she got to share about how she felt. Tyler’s favorite part was when everyone prayed in church. To him, that activity was very calm and quiet. Ava felt safe in her small group. She said the leaders were very nice and helped her learn more about God. M. liked the food, the small group time and the leaders. Kaydan liked the fruit game. Rebecca liked that she was allowed to speak about what she felt and thought. She had fun with her team leader, Audree. She is happy that she became friends with the team leaders. Jenna thought the retreat was super fun. She was able to learn a lot about her faith. She said the NET members are very friendly and entertaining, and their testimonies were very relatable and inspiring. Kelan also enjoyed the small groups and the games. He liked talking about connections with God. He said the skits were also fun, creative and unique. The skits made him laugh. Isaiah thought the team leaders were very nice and caring people. Julian said that he liked the prayers. According to him, the team leaders made praying and learning about God very fun. Sienna liked the games and songs. She said the songs helped her connect with God even more. She also said that the games helped her to have fun and let go of her stresses. Aliyah enjoyed going to church to spend time with God and meditate. Jaiden enjoyed the skits and the small groups because she learned more about her classmates.

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