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October 2015 Newsletter


Wow!! Can you believe the amazing that is about to Launch?! This is by far the best supplement/Holiday Launch we have had in the 2+ years I've been a Designer and I can't wait to get my hands on it all!! If you missed any reveals watch them all here, don't forget there is one more announcement coming Monday!

Click here for Day 1 Sneak Peek video, Simply Charming

Click here for Day 2 Sneak Peek video, Mad for Plaid.

Click here for Day 3 Sneak Peek video, Silent Night, Holy Night

Click here for Day 4 Sneak Peek video, Something For Your Man

Click here for Day 5 Sneak Peek video, The Locket You've Been Waiting For...

Available to Designers on October 12 noon (CDT):

New! Holiday 2015 Collection – Share the new Holiday charms and jewelry with all of your customers so they can create the perfect gift for everyone on their list!

Holiday 2015 Supplement - Every Gift Tells a Story this Holiday season; share this complete gift guide with all of your customers

Holiday New Jewelry Pack – We’ve made it easy for you! Be sure to order the Holiday New Jewelry Pack—coming soon!

Holiday Mystery Grab Bag – Add the Mystery Grab Bag to your list and gift all of your Hostesses and Guests this season!

Holiday Hostess Exclusive – Start booking Holiday Jewelry Bars today with this one of a kind Hostess Exclusive! Click here for the Holiday Hostess Exclusive Flyer

Available to Customers on October 19 noon (CDT):

New! Holiday 2015 Collection – Give your customers the opportunity to tell their Holiday story in a Living Locket featuring our new holiday jewelry.

We just know YULE love what we have in store!

{October Incentive}

I felt like the August Incentive was fair so I am going to continue with {O²} rewards points program and the person with the most points at the end of the month WINS!!! The winner will earn $25 in Fall Product from me!

1 pt for every 250PV

2pts for every New Designer

3pts for every personal or direct Designer Promotion to Leading Designer or above!!

Who's ready!?

I am going to continue sharing my monthly totals so you all can see that I am out there in the field like you! I want you to know when you have a concern I am out there with you!

Personal Volume 540

1 Cancun Points and a member of the Storybuilder Club

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