WTS RISE Newsletter

Respect Individuals Self and Environment

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What is RISE?

The purpose of our RISE program is to create a positive school environment for all students and staff, and to encourage positive behaviors and interactions. Within this program, we learn about behaviors and expectations for various settings and situations in the building, including arrival and dismissal, hallway procedures, bathroom procedures, the cafeteria, assemblies, office and health room, and the playground.

RISE Rollout

During the first week of school, all students reviewed, or were introduced to, the RISE expectations for all areas of the building. 6th Graders...7th and 8th Graders went with their Allied Arts Classes to different areas of the building, where they were met by core teachers from both teams. The core teachers gave mini lessons on the specific area to review the expectations. This was a lot of information to review at one time, but the students and teachers are in luck! Posted around the building in each of the specific locations are posters to remind students of the expectations. The posters are specific to the location, so students and staff are aware of the expectations at all times.

PAW Wall

NEW THIS YEAR! Each month the teachers select students to be their PAWS Student of the Month. These students names are announced at their monthly team meetings, read over the all school announcements and then placed on a paw and added to our PAWS Wall located on the east and west ramps off of the commons. Congratulations to these students!

PAWS Cards

In order to help reinforce the positive behaviors and expectations that we hold everyone to, all students have the opportunity everyday to earn PAWS cards. Students are recognized for their positive behaviors through receipt of a PAWS card (Positive Award Winning Student). These cards can be placed in a weekly drawing or used at the school store. Prizes include things like a pass to the front of the lunch line, first access to playground equipment, first dismissal from the lunch table, or an extra chair at the lunch table.

Gaga Ball Pit

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The Gaga ball pit has been installed at Webster!

Students have many options of how to use lunch recess time outside and now students have the ability to play Gaga Ball. Lunch supervisors have reviewed rules and guidelines with each grade level and students have been enjoying this addition to recess each day! Below is a link to the official Gaga Ball Pit rules.

Parent Tips for using RISE

Three simple steps that will help connect our RISE expectations with those in students everyday lives:

1. Ask your child to tell you the three school rules: Respect for Individual, Self & Environment

2. Ask for an example of each way they can demonstrate each rule at school.

3. Discuss with your child ways that they can demonstrate these rules at home or in the community.