Welcome to the Fourth Grade

By: Kate Cooper

5 Fun Things to do in Fourth Grade

. You get to play a lot of awesome games.

. You get to go to three different classes.

. You read the City of Ember in the dark.

. You get to do a lot of research.

. You get to do Essays on the macbooks.

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4 AWESOME Field Trips

.You go to Ag in a bag.

.You get to go to South Plains Electric Co-op.

.You also get to go to Joy land.

. At the end of the year you get to go to the movies and the park.

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.I learned how to do an Essay.

.I learned a BA-DA-Bing.

.I learned two digit multiplication.

.I learned long division.

.I learned how to do Pitchforks.

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Specials are Special

.PE, would be Dodge ball.

.MUSIC, would be recorders.

.ART, would be the Japanese box.

Our Classroom

. Our classroom is very welcoming.

. The classroom is really comfortable.

. We have an apple TV in our room.

. Sometimes we watch a movie during snack.

. We have a class set of ipads.

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Our Fourth grade teachers

. All of the teachers are very helpful.

. The student teachers are very kind.

. Mrs.Barbour is very caring.

. Mrs.Homen is very sweet.

. The teachers are also very generous.

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. You have to remember Mrs.Homen is a wonderful teacher.

. DON'T talk back to the teachers.

. Turn in your homework on time or the teachers will give you a folder pull.

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Have a GREAT year:)

I hope all of y'all have a great year in the fourth grade, and I hope nothing goes wrong in reading, writing, math, or social studies.
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