The Fiordland penguin

By Ethan Juarez

Fiordland size

It is 60 cm (7.7-8.8) tall, 3.5-4kgs (7.7-8.8), and it is vulnerable.

Life span

There are about 6,000 of them. They live about 15-20 years. It live in New Zealand, Europe, mostly on coasts.

Some facts and other stuff


It is black and white, they have big yellow eye brows, and they are mostly nocturnal. They eat fish, krill, and squid. They make their nests under bushes and rocks. Around July they lay 2 eggs. The 2 eggs get incubated for 30-36 days and each parent takes 5-12 day shifts. After both eggs hatch usually only 1 baby will live.Their predators are dogs, cats, ferrets, stoats, rats, and fur seals.