Lord Of Souls

By : Bryson Francis


The fate of Tamriel rests in the hands of three hero's, the ancient city , Umbriel, has cast a shadow upon the land. Those that enter it, are killed and then brought back again. The lord of the city calls himself Umbriel. He seeks to be free of Clavicus Vile, daedric prince of treachery. He uses the souls of the living to fuel his city.

Greg Keyes-The Author

Greg wrote this book to continue the story from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the video game. One of the characters, not yet mentioned, is Annaig. This is a woman that the author is friends with in real life. He made up a bunch of the other names. He does well to tell the story and really get you into it.
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Man vs Supernatural

The two main characters, Attrebus and Sul, are going up against a demon that controls a flying city fueled by the souls of the living. The demon used to be a dark elf but was abducted by the daedric prince, Clavicus Vile.


Knowledge is power


The Imperial sword and shield stands for protection.


Just keep swimming no matter how hard the current.


"I'll try to explain it. Not long ago, a thing entered our world from Oblivion. An island that floats through the air, with a city upon it." - Attrebus
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