Chinese Mitten Crab

By Katie Petrillo and Claire Roane

The Chinese Mitten Crab

The Chinese Mitten Crab is an invasive species from Asia. Even though it is small,it is very harmful to people and animals because they damage the environment.

What does the Chinese Mitten Crab do that is a big problem?

The Chinese Mitten Crab arrived from Asia but no one knows how. The big problem is that when they get here in the US the currents,and waves push them to the rivers like the Hudson River. That’s is where the Mitten Crab competes with the Blue Crab for homes food and other things.

Chinese Mitten Crab - Eriocheir sinensis


The Mitten crab can travel extreme distances. For example, in China they migrated 1,500 kilometers along some rivers. Although, ships can carry them much further. How far, you ask? Try all the way to Europe and North America! Thats really far!

Photos to identify Chinese Mitten Crab

How to help

If you ever find or catch a mitten crab these will be some good questions to keep in mind.

  • Where and when did you see or catch the crab?

  • Did you see any other crabs nearby?

  • Were they alive or dead?

  • Do you know what gender they were? (Tip: The male's abdomen is V-shaped, the female's is U-shaped, as seen in pictures above).

  • How large was it?

If you ever do find a mitten crab report it to a museum a soon as possible so we can stop this unwanted crab from spreading.

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