My Future

Priya Thelapurath

Right Brained

My test results show that I am more right brained than I am left brained. This means that I am very creative, imaginative, and artistic while the left brain side is more logical and analytical.
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Top Color Personalities

Blue Personality

The personality color I am least like is blue. Blue means that you're kind, thoughtful, and considerate.
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I am an extrovert. This means that I like to talk and converse with other people. I work well in groups and don't like to be alone. I enjoy spending time with my friends rather than staying home by myself


Since I prefer sensing, I tend to focus on the present and the concrete information gained from their senses.


I prefer thinking. I tend to base my decisions on logic and objective analysis off cause and effect.


I prefer perception. I tend to flexible and spontaneous approach to life and things settled. I am less scheduling with my activities and prefer to keep my opinions open. I am more probing with my activities. I prefer "the journey" over "the destination".
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Career Interest

The above picture list the top jobs I would be most interested in pursuing as a career based on my Kuder test results.
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My results say that the skills I currently possess are contained in the above listed career pathways.
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Work Values

My results mean that when I begin a career I look at the income first, innovation second, accomplishment third, prestige given by the job fourth, and the condition of the workplace last.
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My License Plate

Because my first career choice is Politics, I made this license plate that resembles my job. It also resembles my personality because I am very bright and cheerful, hence the bright colors and tie-dye.

Stanford University

My first college choice is Stanford University. I would like to go to this school because it is my dream school and one of the top colleges in the country.

Harvard University

Harvard is my second college choice because it is also one of the top colleges in the country. Because it is an IVY league school, I would get a good education there.

Yale University

Yale is my third college choice. This IVY league school and is very well known to produce intelligent and responsible students and is a private university.
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Bentonville West High School Website

This is the high school I will be going to.

High School Graduation

Saturday, May 23rd 2020 at 10am

Bentonville West High School

This will be the day I graduate high school and move on to college!
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"All the days that you wake up, you got one job, and that's to get better every single day." -Derrick Rose