Sodium (Na, "Natrium" In Latin)

Do you want to learn about sodium? Yes or Na?

History Of Sodium

Sodium's Atomic Symbol (Na) Comes from the Latin word "Natrium". Officially discovered in England, 1807, by Sir Humphrey Davy. Sodium is taken from the English word "soda".

Uses of Sodium

I could write a whole essay on uses for Sodium, however there are some basic, important uses, such as; Paper, Glass, Soap, Petroleum, Textiles, and Chemical/Metal Industrious uses.

Basic Information (description)

Sodium is an element in group 1, or the "alkali metals" and is very reactive to any atoms in group 17's elements. Sodium is a +1 Ion and it's atomic mass is 22.98976928 (2) plus it's atomic number is 11 meaning that an atom of sodium has 11 Protons. Sodium is a silvery white color.

Sodium Inside Me?

Sodium is a vital element required by the human body, and cuases nerve movement in all animals. The human body requires a diet with a sensible amount of Sodium, without it, you could die.

Sodium Surrounding Us?

Sodium is never found as a "native" element in nature because of it's high reactivity, however it is the sixth most abundant element in the Earth's crust.