Amelia Bloomer

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Amelia's life

Amelia was born May 27,1818 in Homer,New York.She was formally educationed for 2 years.After that she wrote about womans rights in her news article also the temperance movement.She is best known as a stylist.She made a dressy pant style called "bloomers", named after her.Amelia Bloomer attended a local public school, receiving very limited education.In her late teens she was a teacher for a very short time,after she became a tutor around her neighborhood.While doing so she had met Dexter Bloomer who was a Co-owner of a local newspaper.In 1840 she ended up marrying him and move to Seneca Falls.Later on she became a visitor at the church and became a member of community organizations. Amelia Bloomer sadly died on December 30, 1894.

This Is Amelia Bloomer


Amelia Bloomer has had many accomplishments in her life.One of the was the fancy dress pants she made known as bloomers.Another one was the article she wrote called "The Lily" In "The Lily" she wrote about womans rights.Amelia felt Bloomer felt commitment to publishing "the Lily" and assumed full responsibility for editing and publishing the paper.She tried to stop temperance,(temperance is trying to get people to stop drinking alcohol).