CCSS and Your Media Center

Park your worries outside our doors

Searching for the right book is easy!

Research can be fun if you use the right tools from the library. Selections jump from the computer screen using Destiny and Destiny Quest. Another top selection to use for research is Galileo for Kids. If you do not find a book in our library you need for your research or CCSS lessons ask me to order the one you need. We are here to make your CCSS transition smoother.

CCSS is here. The Media Center has the Book Selections you need.

The lists are found when you select any book listed on your CCSS lessons. Currently, we are adding new books to our Destiny library catalog as requested. We welcome any suggestions to help you find the right book to develop a stellar lesson with always keeping in line with the CCSS curriculum.


This is the buzz around the school. Why do we need to move to CCSS? Our children are not going to be able to do these new lessons! We cannot change to such a difficult program. Who is going to help us with all the lessons? The answer to all these questions is the Media Center. The Media Center is here to assist you in your CCSS curriculum needs.

Guaranteed to Bring you CCSS Relief!