friends go there but not in the same classes a me.

It was a bright sunny monday and my mom enrolled me in to go to the dance studio i was so excited to go there now!!!!

I am a good soccer player and a good defender at soccer.

I quit gymnastics because i just stopped going.

I also have been to cancun mexico for vacation and it was so so much fun.

I also on a soccer team called sting!!!!

I also ride a bus and go to bridle ridge intermediate school last year we did not have lockers.

I have 2 brothers named jeff,jonathan and my parents are greg and diane mason..

“I have a dog and it is a weird dog her name is marley she is soo cute”.

I love to ride my bike and play outside with my friends i have 9 best friends named eliana brooke, felicity, grace, isabella ,Bella, kate ,hope and madison.

I love to go swimming with my friends and family.

I love taylor swift and i have been to all her concerts in kansas city it is so much fun to listen to her sing in person.

It is amazing to go to her concerts.

I love going to school and seeing all of my friends the best part of school is recess and our lockers and switching classes.

I also love having my friends in my class that I already know.But I made new friends named morgyn,kendra,haylee and chloe.

That is me and my wonderful Autobiography!!!