Eight Fold Path


The Eight Fold Path

Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of a man named Buddha.Buddha develop eight steps in his teachings of Buddhism called "The Eight Fold path". Buddhism believed that the eight steps way the path way between human desires and denying oneself of any pleasures.In his teachings of the eight fold path Buddha believed that an individual should overcome their desires for material goods,and be reasonable and take care of their bodies.
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The Crazy Steps

The Crazy Steps

The First step is right thought believe in the nature of existence. The Second step is right intent toward goodness and kindness. The Third step is right speech avoid lies and gossip. The Fourth step is right action do not steal or harm other.The Fifth step is right livelihood reject work that hurts other.The Sixth step is right effort to prevent evil and do good. The Seventh step is right mindfulness to control your feelings and thoughts.The Eight step is right concentration to practice proper meditation.

Achieve Nirvana

The path has some wisdom.So if you followed the path you will achieve nirvana. Buddha said to the people who that failed to reach nirvana would have to be reborn over and over again until they achieved it.

The Scary Four Noble Truths

At the heart of the Buddha's teachings were the four guiding principles. The First truth is suffering and unhappiness.The Second truth is people that cause their misery because that they want stuff that they can't have. The Third truth is that people can overcome desire and ignorance and reach nirvana is a state of perfect peace. The Fourth truth is that people can overcome ignorance and desire by leads to wisdom, enlightenment, and salvation.
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The Teachings End

The teachings of Buddha's challenging Hindu. They are rejected of many of the ideas. They told the people not to follow the texts. Buddha of the Hindu priest.Buddha did not really believe that their ritual.


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