Connect ED: McGraw Hill

PART I: Different login Instructions: For teachers without students assigned to them in the Temas Gradebook

Campus Instructional Specialist have different instructions for logging into McGraw. The bulk upload created for teachers will not successfully work for employees with that do not have students assigned to them in Teams. Follow the instructions below to successfully log into ConnectEd McGraw Hill, and view your content.
  1. Go to

  2. Click Create a New Account

  3. Click Register

  4. Enter your first name, last name, district email and master code that has been emailed to you.

    1. Contact Kayla Brady to retrieve the Master Codes,

  5. Select and answer the Challenge question.

  6. Click Next

    1. If there is an error message stating your email address is in use, email Kayla Brady.

  7. Enter the zip code of your school

  8. Select your school

  9. Click Next

  10. Print or record your username and password

    1. Usernames and passwords are automatically generated. Only passwords can be updated.

  11. Click Finish

  12. Accept the terms of use.

PART II: Redeem Additional Codes

After successfully logging in, follow these instructions to add more codes:

  1. Click the yellow Redeem Master Code button from your homepage

  2. Enter the 16-digit Master Code for your Teacher Edition

  3. Review the title and subscription information

  4. Click Add Content.

  5. Click Ok

  6. Content should appear on your homepage