Blogging Safety !!!

Monday 25/2/13

Safe Stuff !!!

So tons of peeps around the world have been making blogs....and some of them pretty awesome, but with all these people, how do you keep a blog safe ?? I mean, you don't want to put your thoughts onto a blog, for them then to be trolled or something shizzly like that....right ?

Sooo, I took it upon my Random self, to give you guys a few tips on how to make a Safe Blog ..... without all the boring bits..... :D

1) Okay, so we all know the deal with not posting anything Private such as Location, School....or anything that is personal too you, because once it is on the Internet, It is on FOREVER !

* Dramatic Music*

2) If you make a Blog, you dont have to have Everybody look at it, last thing you need is some stalker watching your every move ......... You can make sure only your FRIENDS AND FAMILY, can view it :D That is an awesome move!!

3) NEVER and I repeat NEVER ... with a capital N !! ....(okay you get the point).... post any provocative images of yourself, that you may regret posting. As I said....well typed... before, once it is on the Internet, it is on their FOREVER !! * Dramatic Music*

4) Blogs are meant to be a bit of fun right ?? So don't use blogs as a way to anonymously Attack or be horrible to people !! It not only effects that person, but last thing you need is The Internet Police knocking at your door:P its mean !!