The Barkley-Johnson Bulletin

Week of December 15th-19th

What Are We Learning This Week?

ELA: This week we are working on RI 4.3, which is explaining events, procedures, ideas, or concepts in a historical, scientific, or technical text, including what happened and why, based on specific information in the text. This is a lot of proving what you know in the story.

We will also be finishing up our Holidays Around the World project by completing our Digital Project this week in class.

Math: We will continue to work on Geometry this week. We will be testing this week on Tuesday for Geometry and Thursday for Symmetry.

Important Information for this Week

*Holidays Around the World Project: We have successfully completed our Research papers, and Ms. Johnson could not be more proud of the hard work from the students! Ask your student to show you their research paper on their Google Drive!

  • We will be completing our Digital Project on this together in class this week.
  • Remember that each student is to bring in a Physical project that they have created at home on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17th!

*Our Christmas celebration will be this week on Wednesday, December 17th. We have filled most of our needs for our goodies, but if you would like to donate, here is what we still need:

Please have all donations sent in by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17th! Thank you!

*A Note About Grades from Ms. Johnson:

  • I wanted to explain that all students have been given many, many opportunities during class, during Morning Work, and during Eagle Time to complete and correct work that either has not been completed or that can be corrected. Many students who had undesirable grades on their progress reports have not used this time wisely. I took a lot of time Friday to print out a paper copy of each student's grades, and attached with it a paper copy of each assignment that can be completed or corrected. Please ask your student to show this to you. I want to give each child the opportunity to be successful with their grades. With that being said, they know what is expected of them and can explain this to you. I will update the grades in Angel for any work I receive as soon as I get the chance after receiving it. Please let me know by phone or by email if you have any questions about this!

*The next Outer Banks payment is due this Wednesday, December 17th. $50 for students only and $100 for student and parent.

*Students will have Reading homework each night this week!

*Our Winter Concert will be at school this Wednesday, December 17th at 6:30pm. We would love to see you all in attendance!

*This Thursday, December 18th, Mrs. Barkley and Ms. Johnson are proud to say they each have a sibling graduating from NC State University. We will both be attending their graduation, and will not be at school that day. Please know that in Math there will be testing and in Reading there will be important Literacy Stations in the Media Center. We appreciate students still making sure they know that this is still a normal school day, to be present and on time, and to follow all school rules and expectations!

*Finally, Ms. Johnson is going to change the way homework is done. Homework will be expected to be completed each night, but it will all be checked on Fridays.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Wednesday, December 17th:

  • Holidays Around the World Physical Projects Due
  • Classroom Holiday Celebration
  • Outer Banks Payment Due
  • Winter Holiday Concert at 6:30pm

Friday, December 19th:

  • Early Release Day at 1:00pm