John Dole

A Colonial Hatmaker

My Life as a Colonial Person

Hi my name is John Dole; I am a colonial hat maker. I am married; I am 20 years old and

Have three kids, named Emmanuel whose 12, Eric whose 8 and Marcus that’s 13. We all live in a wooden house, in the colony of Georgia. My son Eric hasn’t been doing that good in school; he has been getting punished for the past one month. Unlike my other kids because they haven’t been getting in trouble so often. But the lives for my kids have been easy and after a day at school they eat dinner then go to bed in the attic.

I have been making hats since I was a kid. My dad taught me to make hats at the age of 5 in a shop that my dad made to make money. After I make a hat that really impressed a customer my dad would say Huzza .A colonial hat maker makes hats for people who needed a hat. Also, to represent the wealthy.

I am really tired from a day at my dads shop because for some reason everybody seems to go to my shop. I’m not just tired from my job; also I have to take care of my kids. After a good hard day of work I go to sleep on my jack bed. Then I wake up eat breakfast then go to work. My dads shop isn’t so far from my house so I don’t have to walk that far from my house. Usually I get about 30 people in my shop a day. I don’t work alone; I work with my cousins Timothy Rushmore and Nicholas Rushmore.