Technology at Lineville

Kailey Miller

Haiku Deck

We learned about are dream job and how to use Haiku Deck. And how to plass everything and what we would really be doing with are job. Like how we would have a really long week our a short week.

My Dream Job

In this project we were supposed to pick our dream job and explain what we would do. I picked Tex Vet so i would be working with animals all day. What is really cool is all the cool things we can do in there like have pictures in the back and have anything in front of it. I enjoyed this app and plane to keep using it.


In this project we created a traler of are choice and could do whatever we wanted with it. It could be about us or are family or a story we wanted to tell. I enjoyed it because of it being are choice.

What i did was a family one with us being superheros.


For this unit we had to type words, long sentences, phrases, and numbers. We had a goal that if we could finish it are grade would go up. To get a 3 you had to finish at lest 6 of the lessons in 1 quarter.


For this lesson you had to do code you would push bu-tens and it would make the thing move forward, backward, sideways. There is a lot that you could do.

Explain everything

In this project we had to pick a math problem and explain it on Explain Everything creating a video with a voice recorder and then turn it in.

Career locker

For this we had to go on the website and we basically started working on what we wanted to be when we grow up. And they had games you could play and you pick what you wanted to be.
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