Ultra Violet Rays

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What about it?

An Ultra Violet ray is a form of radiation which is not visible to a human's eye. it's in an invisible part of the electromagnet spectrum. Radiation is given off by many objects. A light bulb, a fire, and stars are some examples of objects which emit radiation.

Crowns of light

Jupiter has poles,a n they are often crowned with the most spectacular aurora in the solar system. Jupiter's power source also lifts the veil of the hidden origin.
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Tanning Bed

In out everyday lives, there are people that use tanning beds so they can get a quick and easy tan. These are especially used for when it is winter and people want tans.

Positive and Negative of UV

The positive effect of UV is that is triggers vitamin D, it helps skin conditions, and it also helps with one's mood. the negative effects of UV is that you o get skin cancer from it, it causes sun burn, and it also damages the immune system.
On ultraviolet (UV) rays

On Ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet lights are everywhere. From the beaches to a tanning bed. There are some goods and bads to UV rays, but the most common is the bad one which is getting skin cancer. there are a lot of people that love tanning and tanning is one of the most dangerous things that can happen just because of the UV light.

What is Ultraviolet Light

Tanning is the body's natural shield against UV rays. Too much exposure to UV radiation is damaging to living tissue. besides the sun, there are numerous celestial sources of UV radiation. There are very large young stars that shine most of their light in the ultraviolet wavelengths. certain types of observations can determine that the surface temperatures of the hottest stars and reveal the presence of intervening gas clouds between the Earth and quasars.