The Wandering Lindströms

because home is just a place to park your car

We just chatted with some friends about our traveling habits, and while we don't feel like we travel that often, these friends (who have two small children and feel like they never go anywhere) feel like we are traveling all the time. I suppose we do travel a little more than the average person. So hey, let's run with it.

Berlin Turns One!

Monday, January 12

This was such a fun day :) And as you can see, Berlin thought so too. We tried to just let him do whatever he wanted all day, and then after dinner, we let him eat cake. As it turned out, he was much more interested in the burning candle than the cake, so as soon as we took the candle from him, he didn't really want anything to do with the cake. He did, however, poke at it and taste it enough to get a pretty good sugar high. He ran around like a little maniac for a while, was much more excited about presents than he was for Christmas presents, but the sugar high eventually resulted in a crash.
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I'm not actually sure when we started this, but I think it was Tuesday...

We've started teaching Berlin to sign "please" instead of just pointing and yelling because he wants something. To sign "please", you put your hand flat on your chest and make a circular motion. Jeremy and I have started telling Berlin to "say please" when he wants something, and we make sure to sign "please" as we ask him to say it. When we first started this, we would hold Berlin's hand and rub his chest for him. Then we asked him again a few minutes later, and he knew he was supposed to do something but couldn't figure out what it was. So he started waving his hand and saying "buh buh" (for "bye bye"). The poor kid was just confused. We've repeated it enough times now that Berlin, when told, "say please," will kind of curl up his hand and put it on his chest. We'll take it :) we smile and tell him, "Sure!" in an exaggeratedly excited way, and he beams! He is so proud of himself.

12-month Checkup (Wednesday)

Unfortunately for Berlin, he still had to visit the doctor for a wellness visit after being prodded a few days before for his ear infection. And even more unfortunate than that, he had to get shots. He's getting to be a champ about them though. He just yelled about being pinned down, and then only shed a couple of tears for the shots before he was fine and ready to play again. He did get to spend the first 15 minutes of the visit exploring and just hanging out in his diaper, which seemed to make the rest of the visit not so bad.

Dinner with Dallin and Jessica

Dallin and Jessica texted us Thursday morning and asked if we wanted to do dinner. Who would say no to that? They brought over the main course, we supplemented with chips and drinks (you know, the important stuff). Then after dinner, the boys played FIFA. Including Berlin. After Berlin went to bed (at midnight), we thought, "We have time to play a game. It won't last too long, so we can still get up at a reasonable hour and drive to Boise," so we did. And what we planned on being maybe a 45-min game, tops, turned into a 2-hour game of Settlers of Catan. I think at 1:30 Jeremy said, "In hindsight, maybe we should've said no. Or played something else." But we were in it to the end, and finish we did. And fortunately, Berlin didn't wake up til 9 the next morning.


(Late) Friday morning, we hopped in the car and drove to Boise for a workshop with Summerwind Skippers. Jeremy worked with the team later Friday afternoon/evening, and Berlin and I played with all of the other P.E. toys, i.e. basketballs, dodgeballs, soccerballs, and kickballs. Berlin was in heaven. That night we stayed with Jared and Sheri Orme, and of course stayed up talking til way too late, so we were very grateful that Jeremy's workshop didn't start til 9. Berlin and I dropped Jeremy off and then spent the day playing with Ormes, napping (Berlin) and grocery shopping. We picked up Jeremy, had dinner with Ormes, and then went to Dart Warz, a nerf gun playing field, with the other jumpers. Afterwards, we headed back to Ormes' with a tuckered out Berlin and played video games with Jared and Sheri. On Sunday, we went to church, visited Calli, took some pics of the Boise temple, and then headed home. Dallin and Jessica were great enough to bring us dinner AGAIN. And we crashed and went to sleep. Travelling certainly takes its toll on us sometimes :)