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I was lucky enough to attend the American Association of School Librarians national conference. My brain is reeling with ideas and plans and questions; things I need to assess and decide how they fit into my two middle school libraries.

While I was there I discussed with my fellow school librarians that while our role within a school is ever evolving, is continuously changing based on the needs of our students & faculty, it is EVER constant in providing access to quality books. Books, both print and electronic, both fiction & nonfiction, are the core of our programming.

As I am having this conversation with my peers, I received a link to an article about Readicide. Readicide is just what it sounds like -- a killing of the love of reading. The term was originally coined by Kelly Gallagher, a high school English teacher in an inner city school. He has written many books about Readicide (I own the book Readicide, which I have read and would lend to you!)

Want a quick overview of Readicide, how it plays out in a school regularly and methods to avoid it? Check out this great article Are You Committing Readicide.

Title (or ten of them!)

The teens have spoken. More than 27,000 of them did. And here's the results -- the Teens' Top Ten for 2015 shared by Bella Thorne (not only an actress, but an author herself!)
Official 2015 Teens' Top Ten


October 30 - November 12, 2015

West circulation statistics: 680

East circulation statistics: 540

East Materials Hold: 23

West Materials Hold: 20

West Class Visits: 4

East Class Visits: 3

Please note Mrs. Seebauer was at a conference 3 of these days.

East days open to study hall: 7

West days open to study hall: 6

School Year Circulation Stats (Beginning August 13, 2015)

West: 5047

East: 5,591