May Wildcat Weekly


5.7 BT Celebration at NHHS

5.8 Professional Development Day

8:00 Testing Administrators Training

9:15 Team Meetings

10:30 Vertical Team Meetings

5.9 Faculty Meeting 3:15

5.10 Reading 3D Window Closes

5.11 K Mother's Day Tea

Teacher Apprecialooza 10:50, 11:50 or 12:50

5.14 2nd Grade to Carl Sandburg

5.15 Ex Reading Test

5.16 EX Math

5.17 All Science

5.18 EX Reading Day 2

5.21-5.25 EOG Testing

5.31 Memorial Program/ Hot Dog Supper

6.5 Student Leadership Team Book Swap

DARE Graduation 1:00

6.6 Pawsitive Behavior Sports Spectacular

6.7 5th Grade Celebration

6.8 End of Year Extravaganza 10:30

Tier Paperwork Review/Retention Committee

We will meet with each grade level to look over your Tier Paperwork for the end of year. Please meet with your case manager before your "paper work" day.

May 15th 2nd Grade 1:20

May 16th 3rd Grade 2:10

May 17th 4th Grade 12:00

May 18th 1st Grade 10:00

5th Grade 11:10

May 21 K 9:10


May 21st 1st Grade10:00

2nd Grade 1:20

May 23 Kindergarten 3:10

May 30 3-5 3:10

May Birthdays

1st L. Brian

17th L. Hill

21st K. Justice

28th J. Quinn

FYI Tenure Senate Bill Information

NASA's Best

Edit Photos

Go Animate

Teachers and students can make short videos. 1st Grade has been using them in math. I'm sure they would love to show you what they have done. I made one for you to view. Click on the link below.


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Digital Resource Ideas from our Superintendent

Virtual Field Trips

An exhilarating combination of high tech wizardry and true outdoor adventure, GoNorth! offers students a virtual seat on a real-life around-the-pole journey by dogsled. The trip will last five years and is designed to help kids learn about Arctic ecology, its inhabitants, and its role in the health of the planet. Since 2004 the GoNorth! team of professional explorers and educators has traveled through the U.S. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as well as Russia and Scandinavia, beaming back a prodigious cache of video, audio, photo, and text updates.

Yellowstone Adventures

Students follow along with the animated members of the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries as they investigate natural phenomena, including the geysers, hot springs, and animals that make Yellowstone famous. (Just ignore the characters' groan-worthy names, like Maya Crowbes, the microorganism expert.) The most recent -- and most technologically advanced -- field trips are the best; try Getting into Hot Water, about a mysterious problem with the park's rivers, or Where the Bison Roam, about the misadventures of a buffalo named Rosie.

Lewis & Clark

clicking on points along a sepia-toned map lets students trace Lewis and Clark's search for a water route from the Missouri River to the Pacific Coast. Along the way, they’ll learn about the approximately 300 new plant and animal species the explorers encountered and read about their run-ins with grizzly bears, their perilous passage through the Bitterroot Mountains, and, of course, their famous partnership with the Native American Sacagawea.