the last thing you ever see


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the last thing you ever see takes place in a town during the present and past. the main conflict in the story is that the world is going to end. the book begins with a teenager named Cameron at school. pick up the book to find out what happens!
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character analysis

the main character is a teenager named Cameron. three words to describe the main character are kind caring and brave. the character is motivated by his girlfriend, his family, and to see the pacific ocean before the world ends. i like the main character because the character is positive, very kind, and a calm teenager during the end of the world. the relationship between Cameron and Greg is some what good and bad because their best friends and some times fight with each other.


the theme of this novel is that the worlds going to end. one example that supports the theme is a meteor is coming twords earth. another example is everybody started quiting their jobs. a third example from the book is almost everybody was paniced and dint know what to do. a final example that supports the theme is people started random fires, steeling, and killing each other
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i gave my book a 9 rating because it is very interesting book to read and i also like the theme. teens can some what relate to this because the main character is a teen and has the same problems as use teens but at the same time no because we teens have never experience the end of the world.