Life's Blueprint

Raising Awareness of Genetic Disorders (PechaKucha)

Michael J Fox Parkinson's Disease

What questions come to mind when you notice a person has a genetic disorder?

My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic

Team Purpose

  • Educate & Raise Awareness about your Team's genetic disorder using a presentation method called...Pecha Kucha

  • Pre-AP Talking Points: Disorder, Treatments/Living With It, Genetics, Research

What's Pecha Kucha?

How PechaKucha Changed My Life: Eddie Selover at TEDxOrlando
5 Tips to Pecha Kucha Excellence - Charles Greene III Presentation Magician

Each Team Member's Responsibility for the Pecha Kucha

  • Talking points during slides (memorized) - Duration 100 sec. (1min 40sec.)
  • 5 slides


Day 2 - Planning & Research

~~ Create a Project Plan ~~

What's in my team's project plan?

  • Use a sheet of notebook paper
  • Name of Genetic Disorder
  • Name of Team Member followed by their PechaKucha Focus


Genetic Disorder: Alzheimer's

Team Member Focus

Michelle L. How happens, causes, inheritance

Molly L. Life impacts

Project Plan Due - EOC Today!


Day 3 - Research & Scripting

Continue to develop your note cards

Total Cards: 5 (that's 1 per 20 second slide)

Card Contents:

  • main idea or topic written on top line
  • talking points, bullets, script written below line
  • citation can appear on back of card (Name of Source & URL)

Card Check Monday!

******** Have your 5 cards ready! ******** No cards...No Lab!


Create Your Digital Presentation

Project Plan Update

  • Topic Sequence/Speaker Order
  • Speakers MUST speak 100 seconds sequentially

Updated Project Plan Due - 15 Minutes into Today's Class!

Google Slides Setup

  • All slides MUST be contained within a single Google Slides file.
  • Duplicate each person's slide

Automatic Slide Progression Setup:

  1. Select File...Publish to Web
  2. Set Timer to 10 seconds per slide
  3. Publish

Submit the link in Showbie assignment "Genetics Project".