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Respect within the classroom

This week we have been investigating what respect is within our learning space. Different classes have different responses but all have one common theme. Respect is a two-way street.

Respect is...

As a class we discussed what respect meant to them individually and what respect meant as a class. We broke these ideas down into what it would respect looks like, sounds like and feels like. We discussed what outsiders would see if they looked into our classroom and were looking for a respect. We also discussed what I would do as the teacher to show my students respect. These are some of the results.

Compare the classes

At the end of the week, the commonalities present were:

Respect looks like

  1. all phones and earphones off and away during class
  2. lining up at the door before entering the classroom
  3. hats off the tables or in bags
  4. coming to class prepared
  5. all work attempted
  6. all borrowed items returned
  7. interesting and interactive learning experiences

Respect sounds like

  1. taking it in turns
  2. listening to the speaker (teacher or student)
  3. quiet, inside voices
  4. no drumming, knocking, tapping
  5. teacher not yelling
  6. no screaming across the room at each other

Respect feels like

  1. calm
  2. inviting
  3. included
  4. your voice will be heard
  5. thirst of learning

We all agreed that if as a collective we can achieve these things the learning will be engaging and completed to the best of ability.

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