Howard Happenings

March 20, 2017

Reflection Questions: Academic Vocabulary

  • How are you supporting students development of academic vocabulary?
  • How are you modeling the use of academic language in your classrooms?
  • How are explicitly teaching academic language?

Important Information

  • Big thanks to everyone who participated in Howard's Garden Day (Sherren, Wesley, Brown, Carranza, Markus) and a big thanks to Ms Eckley who supported students with STEAM projects.
  • For student safety, do not leave students unsupervised in your classroom.
  • For student safety, please report to yard duty on time. Students are being released when the bell rings and it is important that supervision is available at that time.
  • If you require any classroom supplies, email and we will ensure you receive your supplies by the end of the day if they are available on site and will order any supplies that are not available on site.

3rd Prep Enrichment Schedule

Staff Roster

Academic/SEL Guidance Document

Parking Assignments

Master Calendar

Bell Schedule

PBIS Guide

PBIS Rollout Plan

Primary Yard Duty Schedule

Yard Duty

Primary Yard-Markus

Upper-Grade Yard-Boggs Vazquez

Week at a Glance

  • Cost Meeting 11 to 12



  • Minimum Day
  • Howard PD 1:30 to 3:30


  • PTO/SSC Meeting 5 to 6
  • Family Science Night 6 to 7:30


Important Upcoming Dates

FC Meeting 3/27