The awsome Blue mountains

with wonders all around it!!

Have you ever seen the Blue Mountains? Do you know what they are? Are they rocks? Who knows?

The Blue Mountains is a one of a kind, you can never ever find a place like this in your life and It is such a spetacular place, it's like going to heaven.

Want to do something thrilling?

Go on the stunning Scenic skyway where there is a glass floor from which you can see the magnificient blue mountains with its amazing water falls of all time!

There is a Scenic rail way, that is safe, which you can look out and see the natural rainforest.

We also recommend to do amazing bush walks, go to the art galleys and studios, camping and many more so get packing and Go! Go! Go! Don’t forget to bring your camera!

How is it preserved?

The trees are not cut down and the animals are not killed or captured. The naturl habitats are not harmed and not destroyed with the animals inside it.

What is the climate like?

During the winter months the average temperature in the Upper Mountains is around 5°C while in Summer the average temperature is around 18°C so i know that you should go at autum.

What is it like there?

This is an area of breathtaking views, rugged tablelands, sheer cliffs, deep valleys and swamps teeming with life. The unique plants and animals that live in this outstanding natural place.

A must see natural wonder?

The Blue Mountains are one of Australia's natural wonders and is World Heritage. The greatest concentration of eucalypt diversity on the continent, and landscapes ranging from rainforest to heathland.