By: Presley Smith Pd.2

She could no longer stay with her friends. She cried all night when she figured out she needed to stay with them to be cool. Peer pressure leads to a lot of things that teens shouldn't do. Peer pressure is becoming a problem with teens.

Teens want to fit in and don't want to be left out at school. They are concerned of what there friends would think of then if they didn't do what they did. Teens also fear rejection from there friends. Wanting to "be cool" is the main part they give in to peer pressure.

Peer pressure can affect behavior by not getting good grades. "For example, up until about grade six, girls performed as well in science and mathematics as boys, but during puberty, girls test scores and level of expressed interest in these subjects declined. the tendency is to abandon competition with boys in favor of placing more emphasis or relationships, and on physical appearance." Studies show that students whose families stressed academics but spent time with friends whose orientation was not toward academic excellence, performed less well.

Teens exert peer pressure through teasing, name calling, withholding friendship, and by threatening people. Also in middle school the pressure becomes more intense as teens try to "be cool".Peer pressure can lead to kids smoking, drinking, and a lot of other bad things that I don't feel like I should share.

With that said people need to avoid situations that present problems. You should observe people and choose your friends wisely and don't just pick that group because it is just there. You should always evaluate the risk that it could have on you or other people. Stick up for yourself, say no, and be confident. Make active choices and social choices instead of just following the crowd.

People can do bad things if they give in to peer pressure, but always remember to stick up for yourself.


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