hurricane Matthew Irma attractions and landmarks

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was a category 5 hurricane that hit Miami leaving homes destroyed. Irma developed in the Atlantic hurricane season it grew from a category 2 hurricane to a five in just 24 hours that's a new record.
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Hurricane Matthew

Winds: 164mph

Date: September 28-October 10, 2016

Damage: 15.09 billion $$$ :(

Category: 5

Affected areas Haiti Venezuela Cuba Florida Colombia

And the whole town looks something like this

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Have you ever been to Miami Hobie Island Beach Park?

Miami Hobie Beach Park is a wonderful family and dog friendly park! Hobie beach park is located in downtown Miami. Its wonderful for puppies who cant swim because it has nice sallow and beautiful waters! Hobie beach park has a wonderful view of the beautiful ocean. Many people love to windsurf at Hobie beach park.
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Top 5 Hurricanes In Miami