Girls on the Run

Lessons 11 &12

Running Buddy Forms Due This Week!

All running buddy forms are due THIS WEEK! Just a reminder - GOTR participants (the girls) are already registered for the 5k (it was part of their program fee). Please remember to turn in your Running Buddy form to your coaches by Friday, Oct. 16. Please only turn in the top page to the coaches. This will not officially register Running Buddies for the 5k.

You can use the Girls on the Run 5k Registration form to register the Running Buddy for the actual event. This form does not need to be turned into coaches. You just need to fill out the bottom portion of the 5k form and send it to the Girls on the Run of NW Ohio office with a check for the registration (the office address can be found on the form). The running buddy can also register online (see below).

Fall 5k Registration

Online Registration is open! Please visit the Girls on the Run of NW Ohio website to register. Just a reminder - all girls who are currently enrolled in GOTR do not need to register. Please invite any friends or family that would like to run/walk the 5k with the girls. The 5k is open to men and women of all ages and running abilities. :) A “Little Star Run” is also offered for boys and girls 2nd grade and younger to participate in a 1/2 mile run and receive a medal.

Lesson 11: I Choose to Stop and Take a BrThRR

The girls are gaining a better understanding of peer pressure in today’s lesson. They are exploring and discussing areas where people succumb to peer pressure and learning a specific strategy to resist it. The Stop and take a BrThRR (breather) strategy, which stands for Stop, Breathe, Think, Respond and Review, encourages the girls to take a step back from a situation to fully assess how they feel, rather than making a split-second decision.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

  1. What is peer pressure?

  2. Let’s each name a time when we felt peer pressure and share how we responded to it.

  3. Today you learned about the Stop and take a BrThRR Strategy. Do you remember what Stop and take a BrThRR stands for? (Stop, Breathe, Think, Respond and Review). Will you tell me about it?

  4. I’m going to share with you something that I feel pressured to do by my peers. I’m then going to use the Stop and take a BrThRR strategy and see how I respond.

  5. Let’s talk about other times we have felt peer pressure. How could this strategy help us in those situations?

Lesson 12: Let's Plan

The girls are learning strategies for group decision making today. They are putting the strategies into practice as they plan the games/activities for the day and decide what community impact project they would like to conduct as a Girls on the Run team. Earlier in the season the girls identified issues/causes that mattered to them. Then they brainstormed project ideas. Today they are evaluating their ideas and making a decision about the community impact project.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

  1. What decisions did you make with your Girls on the Run team today? How did you make those decisions?

  2. I understand you decided on your team’s community impact project today. What did the group decide to do?

  3. Do you think it’s more challenging to make a decision on your own or with a group?

  4. Let’s think about a time when we have made a decision together.

  5. Now let’s talk about another time we have worked with a group to

    make a decision at home, work/school, or in our neighborhood.

  6. Do you have a goal to accomplish before next lesson? What is it? (Goal: Think of your unique gifts and talents and identify one way you can contribute to the Community Impact Project.)