Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of March 9th

What are we learning?

Reading- What is the author's point of view and what facts prove it?

Writing- Creating informational travel brochures

Math- Fractions

Social Studies- Life during the Antebellum Period (quiz on Friday)


Monday- fraction of a set sheet; study multiplication facts

Tuesday- study multiplication facts

Wednesday- fractions on a number line sheet; study multiplication facts

Thursday- equivalent fractions sheet; study multiplication facts; study for Antebellum quiz

Friday- Have a great weekend!

*No spelling/stems this week.

Updates and Reminders

Green Folders- Each week I will send home graded papers in your student's green folder. Please make sure to check their folder each night and to take out all graded papers.

Cleaning Binders- Throughout the week we are completing a number projects. Many of the things we do in class are a work in progress. As we are working on different items I ask students to keep their unfinished work in their binders. If you could not throw any of the papers away inside your child's binder it would be extremely helpful to me. I will give them opportunities in class to clean out their binders of old work so that the papers they need don't get thrown away in the process. Thank you for all your help!

Multiplication Quizzes- We are going to have our ice cream celebration for multiplication the day before spring break. If your child has not passed through the 12's yet I will be happy to test them as often as they feel comfortable with to try and catch them up. Even after our celebration we will continue to take timed quizzes to keep the kids sharp on their facts.