falling in love with you

a day of family constellations with Suzi Tucker

a one-day workshop with Suzi Tucker

Family Constellations: a deep, dynamic, experiential exploration of the forces of resilience, vitality and love.

You: are in search of fresh perspectives on your family-of-origin, current relationships, career, health, parenting, or other central life question … in search of ways to move forward.

Me: a long-time facilitator, teacher and writer who has worked with hundreds of clients and students across a variety of venues.

We: come together in a temporary community to represent in each other’s “Constellations” so that damaging internal images that keep us imprisoned can be moved out of our body-mind and experienced from a greater distance. Together, we discover the connections that keep us tethered to the feelings of being heavily burdened. Once a fuller systemic context is revealed, the powerful resources that reside behind, around, and inside our old images can be accessed — and new hope, creativity and self-love can be embodied.

Everyone will have the opportunity to receive from every piece of work, to experience insight. Along the way, there may be group exercises, and teaching where appropriate. Each group is different and the work is attuned to the individuals who show up versus a formula that is rolled out no matter what.

No experience necessary — all are welcome.

Cost: $165 full day workshop

To register, simply click The YES button below or contact Kathy Whitham @ 347.922.2440 or kwhithamrn@gmail.com.

More about Suzi and Family Constellations at www.suzitucker.com

falling in love with you - a one day workshop with Suzi Tucker

Saturday, Oct. 21st, 10am-5pm

9 Trinity Place, Wayland, MA 01778

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.