Ban Animal Experimentation

by: Fiona Warner


Animal experimentation has been around for hundreds of years. Most people think nothing of it, but it is a big deal. Imagine having dangerous chemicals rubbed into your pet dog's eyes? Or having your pet bunny going bald from a horrible experiment? These are horrible realities that many people don't realize. Put in isolation, animals ache for companionship. They also long to roam free, rather than being locked up in cold, dark cages, cowering in fear for what will happen next. (PETA) After a long, hard life of pain and suffering, most of them are killed, if they even make it to the end of the experiment. Animal experimentation should be banned because it is cruel and expensive.

Concession & Rebuttal

Some people may think that laws protect animals from being abused. They may also feel that animal experimentation will help us make medical discoveries. However, not all animals are protected by law. 95% of all animals used for testing - birds, rats, reptiles, and fish - are not protected. (Procon) We have made several important discoveries using animal experimentation, we now have more reliable methods. These new alternatives are more accurate and humane, like tissue extract or computer models. (Marna) Since animals are different from us, results are unreliable. For example, a vaccine may work on an animal, but not on a human.
The failure of animal experiments – an animated educational film
The first reason animal testing should be banned is that it is inhumane and causes unnecessary suffering for animals. They are forced into cold, dark labratory cages, never to see the sun again. They have corrosive chemicals sprayed into their eyes and on their skin. Household cleaners are forced down their throat. Animals are blinded, suffocated, poisoned and even killed in labratory experiments. Many do not recieve pain killer, and are even cut open without it.(procon) Just because animals aren't people, doesn't mean they don't feel pain.
The second reason it should be banned is that it is very expensive. It costs about $14 billion each year.(Procon) Most of this money comes from taxes. Some of it even comes from donators. One facility can cost over $14 million alone.(Marna) Other methods are cheaper, more humane, and more reliable. Animal experimentation is a waste of our money. Is this what you want your taxes spent on?
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Animal experimentation should be banned because it is cruel and expensive. There are ways you can help prevent animal experimentation. The easiest way is to stop buying products that use animal testing. Either look at the label, find a website that approves it, or even email the company. Another simple way is to donate to charities that prevent or don't support animal testing. You can even join a local animal rights group or write a letter to your government. By doing these small things you can prevent animal experimentation.