Derpmeister Island (derp mie ster)

We Are United As One Derpmeister

Derpmeister Island is a low population country/island and we like it like that.

Facts: Population = 2 million

Size = 234sq miles (half of New York City)

We eat “Derpy Salads” wtich contain fried chicken covered in spicy sauce, leadous and mustard

Now for some question and answer

In which ocean is it located?

Pacific Ocean

What is the absolute location and relative location of your country?

45w 150n

What are some of its physical features?

grass plans, desert, mountains

Does your country have a high or low population density, or is it different in

different parts of your country?

low population and no it is not different it different parts of the country. our people just drive to popular locations and drive back and are not alowed to move in the popular locations.

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