Field Trip Activity

Parker Sawyer

What is the meaning behind the Raincross symbol

double cross is ancient Native American symbol for dragonfly

How many Spanish Missions were built in CA, what is their significance to the United States?

2. effort by Spanish Empire to expand Christianity among Native Americans

Who was Booker T Washington? & How were his views different than WEB DuBois?

Booker T Washington activist who supported gradual equality while WEB DuBois wanted immediate equality

What triggered the Boxer Rebellion & what was America's response to it?

anti-imperialist uprising in China. America and other Great Powers defeated Chinese forces

Do you think the government was correct in granting the Mission Inn Hotel this honor?

Yes. It seen many historic people and has history

How did the US acquire the Panama Canal Zone and how did the canal benefit the US?

They helped Panama in their revolution. It helped trade a lot.

What was the Progressive Era a response to? & What reforms did it bring about?

Period of widespread activism.

What do you think was Teddy's biggest accomplishment & why?

Him becoming president. That is a huge thing.

What immigrant processing center did these Chinese immigrants most likely come through? Why was the Chinese Exclusion Act implemented?

The processing center that these Chinese immigrants went through was Angel Island. Because of Boxer Rebellion.

Why did the US finally enter World War One?

Submarine Warfare and the Lusitania


Fox Theatre