All About Me!!

Taylor Wallenkamp

What My Family Is Like.. On My Moms Side.

My parents got Divorced when I was two. I went from the age of 2-5 without seeing my dad but i asked him were he lived when I was older and he told me that he moved in with his friend so now I guess I know were he was. But in that time period I was living with my mom we lived in the house that my mom and dad lived in for a year after they got divorced then we moved to the big white house on the corner of Main Street and Hubble. we rented the top half of the house out from a old lady named Marge, she was really nice. We lived there alone for about two months but then she meet my now step dad Mike. Mike moved in with us after about a year. Then we had to move because my mom became pregnant with my now 6 year old brother Kegan. We then moved into a house big enough for our family and have been there ever since. Mom and Mike ended up getting married in 2006. The same year that my brother was born. Now I have a brother and two loving parents at least at this house. My mom got me three horses and three fish and two dog's you can call me spoiled?!

What My Family Is Like..... On My Dad's Side

In the time that my dad was living with his friend he meet a girl Named Lisa. Lisa is now my step mom. My dad was on a Fire call and he got burned pretty bad and Lisa was on the call to but with the paramedics. They brought my dad over to Lisa. But first he got poked with some needles to calm him down, then they brought him over to Lisa were she helped treat the burn. Then my dad and her went on a couple dates and then decided to move in with each other. My dad then moved back to marshall and I was brought back into his life. Me and Lisa got a long really good!! We then got a pet her name is K.C. and she is a dog. But then we decided to take in my cousin, His name is Mason. He has been living with us ever since 2008. Then down the road his mom came back around and we found out that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby named Raina. But shortly after that he and her husband went on the run with Raina. Once the police found her they took Raina and put her in foster care. We took Raina in and ever since then she has been with us. Now I have bolth my cousin's living with me but we are so close that it seems like just another brother and sister.

My pets...

I have had a lot of pet's in my lifetime. MY first pet was when I was 2 My mom got me my first horse I named him Elmo. He lived until 2010 then we had to put him down because he ended up hurting his leg somehow and the vet's couldn't fix it. My next pet was a gunnie pig I named her olive. Then when I meet back up with my dad he got me a dog she is a German Short Hair Pointer, I named her K.C. She is now 7 years old and I love her so much! Then my mom got me two other dogs im not shure what they are tho. I also have two birds and five fish and another horse and his name is Red!

What Sports That I Play...

I love sports, I like them because they keep you active and off of your butt! I started doing my first sport when I was three. My mom got me involved with Studio 3-D. It is a dance studio in Deerfield. My mom said that she put me in dance because I was always jumping and running around the house. Then when I reconnected with my dad he put me in softball. The first two years that I was in softball my dad was the coach! I really loved having my dad as the coach and all of the other girls on the team seemed to like him too! Every month I would have a big sleepover with all the girls from the team sleepover, we would always end up doing something weird to my dad! But one year we had like twenty two girls on the team when they all slept over I thought that my dad was going to blow! Then my steep mom Lisa told me that I should try volleyball she thought that I would really enjoy it! So I gave it a try I ended up loving it! I have Been playing volleyball ever since! But this year when I was playing softball I was stealing second and I ended up hitting the one part of the base that your not supost to hit and I ended up breaking my ankle, chipping my growth plate, breaking two of my toes and getting a lot of bruises It really sucked!

Favorite Food...

- Chicken
-chines food