First Class Passengers

Jamie Lee

What did first class deck have that no other classes had?

The first class deck had many features that no other had. The 1st class deck had their own reading and writing deck, lounge, smoke room, reception area, dining room. The Titanic also had a swimming pool, Turkish baths, squash courts, and a gym. Those were new features that had never seen before on a cruise. First class also had a grand staircase. The staircase was created by the most skilled carpenters. First class was the very top deck, which was the safest part of the boat when it was sinking. Overall, the first class was the deck with the most features and the safest.

Were most the survivors in First Class?

There was approximately 689 first class passengers. About 705 to 713 people survived the Titanic. The chances of you making it onto a lifeboat were a lot stronger if you were a woman or child in the upper class or a female staff. Only 4 out of 140 women survived in first-class. 57 out of 175 first-class men survived. In second class 94 people survived out of a total of 261 second class passengers. The survival rate for third class was much lower. but surprisingly most survivors were not first class.


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