Notes and News

Nov. 11, 2013

As we wind down the semester....

We are down to the final full marking period of the semester. This has been a very busy semester for you and with so little time remaining, be sure to keep working hard.
This newsletter has information about your exam review sessions and optional credit opportunities, so be sure to read to the end!

Parents: Have you linked your parent portal to your student's account?

To see a detailed list of your student's grades make sure you have linked your parent auditor account to your student's account. If not, log into your parent portal and click on the Help button in the navigation bar. Our knowledgebase will open. From the sidebar menu you should select GaVS parent info. Then select the file Link Child to Parent Account. Information will be given on how to link your parent and student accounts. The parent will need to enter their student's GTID number and date of birth. If you do not know your student's GTID number, you can request it from your student's facilitator or the instructor can give them information over the phone. We can not email this information. In 24 hours both the parent/student accounts will be linked and you can view your student's enrollments and grades with detailed feedback.

Direct link to link child to parent. Parent needs to be logged in to GaVS.

Subject-Verb agreement Optional Assignment

This optional assignment deals with subject-verb agreement. Below is a link to a game. Play it. When you are finished and the score is showing, take a screen shot and put the screen shot in a document. Submit the document to the Discussion box for this optional assignment.
CLICK HERE to review before you play the game.
CLICK HERE to begin.

The deadline for this optional assignment is Friday 11/15 @ midnight