Weltch Weekly

March 13, 2015

Fine Arts Night at M.P.E.S. - Thursday, March 19!

Fine Arts Night is a free PTA event from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. on March 19.

There will be lots to see and do:

Honor Chorus performance

Annie Jr. chorus performance

Awards for Tapestry Art Show

Gallery walk to view over 600 pieces of artwork

Light refreshments

Opportunity to order your child's artwork on a magnet or other item

Science Fair projects

4th Grade instrument projects

Please join us for a wonderful night to recognize all the talents of our students!

What's coming up next week:

In reading, we will be fine-tuning our reading strategies. Lessons next week will focus on:

- stretching out words

- looking all the way through words

- "hit it or skip it"

Many times, students make the beginning or middle sound in a word and then guess the rest of the word. We will be teaching them how to stretch and look all the way through the words so that their reading accuracy improves.

When we learn how to "hit it or skip it," we teach students that if they don't know the tricky word, to skip it and then go back to it after they've read the rest of the sentence. Many times, students can determine the tricky word once they've read the whole sentence.

In word work, we will be learning the new words now, into, & get. We will also be wrapping up our study of long vowels with the long U sound. Students will be practicing how to change beginning sounds in words to create new words (like changing "now" to "cow")

In writing, we will be doing some opinion writing with St. Patrick's Day! Later in the week, students will be working on a specific writing goal that is tailored to their ability. Try asking your child what his/her goal is at the end of next week!

In math, kindergarteners will begin their measurement unit. We will explore length and height. Students will also be practicing addition and subtraction facts. Please help your child with any addition and subtraction facts to 5 that they do not know.

In social studies, we will be learning about symbols for our state of Georgia (the state flag, our capitol of Atlanta, Stone Mountain, the Brown Thrasher, the Live Oak tree, and the Cherokee Rose flower).

P.E. Day: Wednesday

Library Day: Friday

Computer Lab: Friday

BYOD: All Week