Red Devil Reflections

January 8

No Faculty Meeting January 13

Please note there will not be a Faculty Meeting in January. Department Meetings will still take place on January 20, with Curriculum Night on January 21.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Presentations - 1/13 & 1/14

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will be presenting about cyber safety next week for all students. Please see the schedule below for the grade level breakdown - presentations will last approximately 1 hour. We will need assistance with supervision if your class has the vast majority of a single-grade.

January 13th

1st period (8:20): 11th grade

2nd period (9:50): 12th grade

January 14th

1st period: 9th grade

2nd period: 10th grade

Vision Clinic

We are planning to host a Lions Lighthouse Vision Clinic to provide selected students with free vision assessments and glasses. Please contact Ms. Howard if you suspect any of your students needing glasses (keep an eye out for those students who squint regularly or always make their way to the front for notes).

CK Redistricting Event 1-19

Druid Hills will be hosting a community meeting January 19 at 6pm to discuss proposals in place to relieve the overcrowding of the schools of the Cross Keys Cluster. Briar Vista and Fernbank are the cluster schools that may be impacted from redistricting (DHHS is not).

The meeting will initially take place in the Theatre; however, break-out sessions will take place throughout the Main building (currently the 2nd floor and non-computer lab classes on the 3rd floor). Impacted teachers should ensure all personal and school valuables are secured.

Title I Update

Thank you to those who send funding requests to me yesterday - it was truly helpful in determining a budget. We are now in the waiting period. Once I receive approval to spend, Ms. Austin and I will prioritize the requests and reach out to you if more information/justification is needed.

IB Examiners

IB (International Baccaluareate) is actively seeking subject examiners for the 2016 examination session. You do not have to be an IB teacher to qualify--the requirements are:

  • ​a degree in the subject for which you wish to examine (the subject does NOT have to be taught at DHHS; you may score in any subject offered by the IB for which you qualify)
  • a minimum of one year's teaching experience of students grades 16 and up
  • access to the internet, a broadband connection and the willingness to work from home some evenings/ weekends

The majority of scoring will not be done until after school has ended here in Dekalb County.

If you're interested, or would like to know which subjects are available, please see Ms. Bracewell, IB Coordinator.

Ms. Roberson's Son

Please keep Sam Roberson in your thoughts and/or prayers, as he was hospitalized in Chicago earlier this week.

Mr. Gholston - From Ms. Vicki

Mr. Gholston, retired DH Assistant Principal, is in recovery after undergoing surgery for cancer. Ms. Vicki has purchased cards for anyone that would like to come down and sign it for him.

If anyone would like to send him a card, his address is:

Rick Gholston

200 Spring Run Road

Jasper, GA 30143

Please keep Mr. Gholston and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Magazines Needed

Ms. Bouer is looking for magazines. Please email her if you can assist.

Math Tutor

A DHMS 8th grader is looking for a math tutor (Coordinate Algebra). Student resides less than a mile from DHHS. Please contact me if you are interested.