Figurative Launguage


Definition: A sentence that makes another sentence more interesting.

Example: Break a leg.


Definition: To exaggerate and create more drama that makes the sentence much more interesting.

Example: I'm so tired I could sleep for a whole year.


Definition: A sentence with words that sound the same.

Example: What does a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.


Definition: A quote from something famous.

Example: I wish I lived in Paris so I could make delicious foods just like ratatouille.


Definition: When you use an action word that makes the things a lot more exciting.

Example: The swimmer swooshed through the water so fast I could barely see her.

The Scouraging Night

I was running and running. I looked at my shirt and it was covered with dirt. I was trying to find shelter before he caught up to me. I stopped and then i heard a big, "BOOM!" Just like that a big lighting bolt shot right in front of me. I started to run even faster than before in the hopes that I would not be hit by lightning. I finally found a small cave that I could be able to stay in for the night. I looked up and I could see all the beautiful stars in the sky, and i looked over and stared at the moon and it looked like a big huge bomb went right through it making the perfect crescent moon shape.

It was finally morning and before I went out I looked around making sure that the man that was kidnapping me wasn't out. I quietly went out trying to find some fruit for breakfast. As I was walking I noticed a pond with a woodchuck and then I just thought in my mind,"..........WOW! that woodchuck sure can chuck some wood......." It wasn't till afternoon till I found some nice nonpoisonous fruit. I looked up and saw a bunch of birds flying everywhere and then I just felt like the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz. So then I said, "Fly my pretties, fly!"

While I was searching for some wood fire I heard a strange voice, it sounded just like a human talking. I looked around and I could´t find anyone until I heard,

¨Hello, hello. um, down here.¨ I looked down and saw a talking mouse.

I asked the mouse, ¨Um, yes?¨

¨ I can help you find your home, it´s near here.¨

I then looked at her and I moved my head up and down to show I was saying yes. She started moving very very fast, I could barely catch up. It was finally night.

I looked and I could see a small town and then I looked at a small broken up sign that said, ¨Welcome to Raven wood¨ I was so so excited cause that is were my mom lives. I was running so fast and I saw a bunch of police cars parked outside and my mom was outside also.

I yelled, ¨MOM!¨ She looked over and I started running. She was holding out her arms being ready to hold me tight. I felt so so happy to finally be with my mom again. We were both crying very hard.

One Year Later.......... I looked out on stage. My mom came over and said, ¨Break a leg!¨ I laughed and I got on stage and I had the time of my life.

  • Idiom: "Break a leg"
  • Alliteration: "WOW! That woodchuck sure can chuck some wood"
  • Hyperbole: "A big cannon"
  • Allusion: "Fly my pretties, fly"
  • Onomatopoeia: "BOOM!"