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9th March 2015

Reasons to Vote

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The UK has a shockingly low election turnout, meaning we need more people to get involved and to vote. Only 6 in 10 people voted in the last General Election which was held in 2010. Less than half of young people actually turned out and around 25% used their vote at the elections. Problems faced by the nation affect young people too, it is vital that you have your say. The first step is to register, which must be done individually by 20th April.

If you look around you many things are politics including the opening times of your local youth club, the houses which get built, the service provided by the NHS, what is taught in schools, the money students get to study and the tax we pay.

Many young people are not interested in politics but it has a great impact on their lives, do you not want a say in how your life is lived?

Register to vote by filling in details on , it only takes 2 minutes.

#AskMe - be heard, be counted

Register to vote if...

The General Election is fast approaching and we want to know what matters to you.

This is a great opportunity for all to ask questions about the elections or just find out more about voting. Join the debate, Tweet @studentsrc or visit student services VLE page “Election Discussion Board” to ask your question. Student Services will be about all week talking General Elections and answering your questions, making sure you make informed choices.

Get informed and make sure you are heard!

Comic Relief

Comic Relief, also known as Red Nose Day, has been raising money since 1988 for people living tough lives across the UK and Africa. It calls on everyone to do something funny to raise money. The day is ended with a TV show on the BBC which is filled with comedy and entertainment which encourages the nation to donate generously. The charity has had a powerful impact on many individuals and local communities across the UK. It has provided incredible funding for UK projects which work with young people, domestic violence and mental health. The work done across Africa includes education, malaria prevention and raising awareness of HIV while also providing treatment for those affected.

Will you be doing anything funny for money? Let us know by tweeting @studentsrc or get involved by requesting a fundraising pack from

No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day on Wednesday 11th March is a day which provides support for those wanting to quit.

Why quit?

Smoking is one of the major causes of heart disease and causes so many other health problems for smokers and those around them.

The carbon monoxide which is in cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen that is carried in the blood. You heart and body needs this oxygen which means your heart beats faster to get more oxygen filled blood around your body, raising your blood pressure. All this means an extra burden is put on your heart leading to heart disease or failure.

It is expensive to smoke, think about the money you could save which could be used to buy that new pair of shoes or a night out or even save for that sunny holiday. On average, most people who quit save around £150 each month, that’s £1800 a year. That’s nearly £2000 going up in smoke; £1800 could pay for a holiday of a lifetime!

Check out this link to calculate how much you could save:

Most people cannot stop smoking alone and need help and support from others around them including professional support. There are so many different ways to stop that it can be a little overwhelming.

Sign up today and get the support you need to quit,

Graphic anti-smoking advert released in UK

you are Awesome!

The meaning of AWESOME is something which is so amazing that you are in awe. The definition of being AWESOME is you, you are AWESOME.

On Tuesday 10th March it is International Awesome Day and a reason to celebrate awesomeness. We rarely recognise our own awesomeness but today you can shout about all the awesome things you do or have done. Whether you are having a good day or things could be going better, you are the person who makes the most out of the day. It is important to remember you have a significant influence on how your day goes. To stay awesome you need to look after yourself, make sure you eat health and exercise regularly. It is also important to look after your mental health, help your stress levels by de cluttering your work, college and home life. Focus on one task at a time and organise your thoughts to make problems more manageable. Laugh as much as you can, smile at every opportunity and remember you are AWESOME.

Everything Is AWESOME!!! -- The LEGO® Movie -- Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island

Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship week starts on Monday 9th March and it celebrates all the great work apprentices have done for business, the economy and their own lives.

There are over 170 industries which are available to apprentices including fashion, engineering, finance, sport and media. These individuals make a great impact in these areas of work and many of them stay with their employer. 70% of businesses reported that apprenticeships have improved their productivity or the quality of work due to the work done by an apprentice. Apprenticeships are a great route into employment and a career, you will learn a trade while earning a wage.

How can you get involved?

If you are over the age of 16 you can undertake an Apprenticeship. Stockton Riverside College, Teesdale are holding an Apprentice Open Evening on Tuesday 10th March, 6-8pm. Come along and talk to our team about how you could gain skills, develop your CV, earn money while you learn and open doors to employment and to a great career.

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Apprenticeship Open Evening

Apprenticeship Open Evening will be taking place at our Teesdale Campus on Wednesday 10th March, 6pm-8pm. Come along and find out more about how apprenticeships can support you to find your dream career.

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