What Is A Long-Tail Keyword?

What Is A Long-Tail Keyword

Do You Know What Is A Long-Tail Keyword?

If your a blogger you would already know about keywords in order to get your blog searched and ranked in Google.

How many of you already know about “Long-Tail Keywords”. This is new to me so I thought I needed to search this out and this is what I came up with.

Using long-tail keywords phrases will help your SEO efforts by increasing your reach and giving your customers articles and information that answer specific questions they have. There are lots of reasons to use long-tail keywords. But you can’t start doing long tail keyword marketing if you don’t know how to find long-tail keywords and use them on your website.

1) Long-tail Keywords are even more specific, topic-related phrases that correspond to a niche market. A good example would be if you are in the weight loss niche then ”Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss” would be the long-tail keyword which is a specific category that the customer is looking for.

2) The phrase “The Long Tail” was first coined by Chris Anderson in 2004 Wired Magazine article to describe certain business and economic models such as Amazon.com or Netflix.

3) Usually three to even six word phrases that don’t get a lot of searches, can often be hidden gold mines.

4) Keywords phrases composed of 3 or more words, when combined create 1 keyword. (ex. Real Estate Agent in Vancouver, BC)

5) A specific keyword phrase that consists of 2 or more words. Most advertisers use long-tail to target the customer at or near their buying stage.

Finding Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Long tail keywords phrases are ones that don’t have as large a search volume as more popular terms, but have enough volume to make a difference in your SEO marketing efforts.

The best way to find long tail keywords is with a keyword research tool. There are may out there. Some are free and then there are some with the free trial and purchase of you like it.

To mention a few of the Free ones are: Adwords, Wonder Wheel, KTD (Keyword Tool Dominator), KTD had different ones inside their site like: Bing Auto Suggest, eBay Keyword Tool, Amazon Keyword Tool, Google Auto Suggest just to name a few.

WordStream has a free trial with an option to purchase a membership. WordStream’s organic search engine optimization and pay per-click software solutions are specifically designed to increase efficiency, and their sophisticated negative keyword tools enable you to harness and monetize long-tail search traffic.

Three key factors to note about the keywords you aggregate by these methods is that they are:

Relevant – Longer tail keywords reveal more intent, so it’s clear that they’re relevant to your business.

Perpetually Growing - Because WordStream generates new keyword suggestions regularly, your keyword list is constantly expanding.

Actionable – In addition to being dynamic, your keyword list is actionable. You can automatically take action on those keywords in your PPC campaigns.

You also need to manage long-tail ad groups. In addition to the keyword research and grouping that goes into effectively managing long-tail keywords within in a PPC or affiliate marketing campaign, it is also necessary to eliminate irrelevant keywords from campaigns, and to create targeted ad text and landing pages for various keyword groups.

I hope this helps you out in how to use long-tail keywords and that you will start to practice using them with your niche or business.

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