Prehistoric Art

By; Lucero Armenta & Gabe Gallegos

Main Ideas

Dates; 40,000-10,000 B.C.*Prehistoric cave-art is important because it serves as some of the best means of showing the interaction between our original ancestors and the world as they comprehended it.*Art from the prehistoric era depicted animals being hunted and feared, are were painted/carved on cave walls. *The reasons why they painted/carved on the walls so they could communicate to one another, and they felt that they would be able to hunt better if they saw the painting of an animal.

Main People/Locations

*Magdalenian People*Altimira, Spain (Altamira Cave)*Lascaux, France (Lascaux Cave)

Examples Of Art

Facts About Prehistoric Art


*Hundreds of engraved and painted human heads and faces were discovered on rocks, which were carefully placed so as to cover the floor of caves.*Some of the figurines were made of stone and mammoth ivory.*The paint or color that they probably used was from berries, clay, soot, or charcoal. The tools used to apply the paint could have been made by attaching different vegetation or hair to sticks.