Regions Of United States

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Northeast Region

The Northeastern part of United States is known for its beautiful landscape.The unique combination of percipitation,type soil,and varities of trees that thrive in regions give New England its breathtaking fall colors,But northeast has more to offer other than a great forest.They have great farmland in Pensylvania,every year millions of tourists flock to the Northest to explore New York. Decade after Decade, new industries developed and the northeast cities grew in population.Young people from the northeastern countryside flocked to the factory towns to take industrial jobs. Eurpeans were also attracted by the job opurtunities in cities of the northeast.


As a region ,the south stands out from the rest of the countrys beacuse of its job opportunites , plants were often newer and in better condition. New factories could be bulit on land that was cheaper than land in the megaloplis of the northeast.Todays the south has a diverse population , and the population keeps going up because of it amazing job opportunites


Most of the midwest is relatively flat, and its soil is fertile long ago, melting glaciers deposited mineral rich materials there that promote plant growth.The midwest climate,which has promoted soil buliding,also favors agriculture. Midwests cities are also home to much heavy manufacturing. For example Minnesota leads states in iron production. Sizeable coal depoists are found in indiana and illinois. Many Midwestern cities such as Cleveland,Chicago,Minneapolis ,etc are located on the shores of the Great Lake or along major river.Water transportation aided the growth of heavy industries,manufacture of automoblies and machinary.


The abundance or scarcity of water is major factor shaping the west's natural vegatation,economic activity ,and population density. San Diego,California,average 9 inches of rain per year; Reno, Nevada gets only & inches. In dry areas such as these,the natural vegatation consists of short grasses,hardy shrubs,and cactus. West generally receive adequate rainfall and rich deciduous and coniferous forest at lower elevation. In Settle rainfall average is 39 inches. Costal reigons of northern California forest of giant redwood trees thrive. Hawaii and Alaska, the nations two remote states,offer anothor contrast.. Much of Hawaii has a wet tropical climate and dense tropical rain forest vegetation. A world apart is northern Alaska's a dry treeless plain that sprouts grasses and mosses in the summer.