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Why "1984" Matters

Before I start i must give a brief run down, the dystopian novel, in general, is based on the authors personal prediction on where the world will end up in the distant and or near future. However, this future tends to be an extremely negative view on today’s society. The basis of this stance is reflected in the setting either being a post-apocalyptic crisis or some type of bleak or regressed state.

In 1984 by: George Orwell, the setting shown is the latter of the two. It also shows a state in which the government, known as the Party, has subjugated the populace in a way that is quite similar to slaves. in this future, there is no such thing as privacy. Readers would then find that not only was it planned, but it also had a well-made resource known as telescreens to enforce said issue.

What makes this book so unique is not just the plot itself. It is also on the fact of just how soon George believed that this dystopian future could occur. It was not only a shock to the past readers, due to its near anarchical beliefs, but it also placed a new perspective on the table. It created a concept that the modern day apocalypse was simply four decades away if we did not correct our path.

Most people can affirm to simply reading dystopian books and seeing them as simply a subject that was blown out of proportions in its importance. But, as stated previously, dystopian books are present day matters that have the potential to become dangerous.

The crux would be that we are now near four decades past that time. Though, there will always be a chance that such a problem could arise again, especially in a hundred years. The only way to make sure that the future does not repeat history’s mistakes is to give the knowledge of what has happened. But it is just as important to make them aware of what could have happened from these issues. This will allow more ideas to flow from their minds and create new solutions to avoid them to ever happen.

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1984 Main Cast

Big Brother - Tobias Moretti

Emmanuel Goldstein - Micheal Douglas

Julia - Olivia Wilde

O'Brian - Sean Connery

Syme - Corey Feldman

Winston Smith - Steve Buscemi

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Times - Newspeak

People in Miniluv are ungood. Ungood to not duckspeak. tried to free party but freedom is slavery.

Party members must stay orthodox. ignore bellyfeel and be happy.

rejoice for we are warring. shout in ignorance

hate week will start nextday

1984 Journal Entry - Julia

there is something different about this man. he acts different. he looks different. his eyes are clear. I am not alone anymore. he is not that smart. but he notices more than most. I know who I am writing to now.

I love you