Patrick henry

unit1 assignment By:Connor mann,Esther woo& Maggie Hohfeler

May 29, 1736 in Virginia

Considered "radical" because he went against his family occupation to become lawyer

Elected to Virginia House of Burgesses, 1765

Elected to the Continental Congress, 1774

Governor of Virginia, 1776-1778, 1784



He wanted state's rights!

He wanted to protect individual liberties (give me liberty or give me death!)


-Stamp Act Resolutions- considered the 1st shot fired in Revolutionary War; 7 resolutions to the Stamp Act which was a tax on printed items... Parliament repealed the Stamp Act which planted the seed in the colonists' minds of "who do I owe loyalty to?"

-Orator of the revolutionary native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

-Represented Virgina in the First Continental Congress

-After the First Continental Congress, he led the militia to defend Virginia's gunpowder store from the British

-valuable asset to Americans because he was a good orator

-signed the constitution worked to add amendments 1-10 (The bill of rights)

1795 Secretary of State for Washington (heavily involved in keeping America's independence.)

4 yrs later official Envoy to France continued to be communicator to convey America's independence to around the developed world


Definition 1: is the honesty,truthfulness, or accuracy of one's actions and the artistic values

Definition 2: the quality or state of being complete or divided

Patrick Henry gave 100% into what he believed in, and he meant what he said; was honest with the public

From colonists point of view- had great integrity, stood against a unfair ruler

From Britains point of view- rebel


Citizen- native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection

1. the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.

2. the character of an individual viewed as a member of society; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen: an award for good citizenship.

In terms of British citizenship, Patrick Henry did not give his allegiance to Great Britian

For example he bashed British morale when he proclaimed "give me liberty or give me death"

In terms of colonial citizenship, Patrick Henry was a man who was verbal in his loyalty to the colonies.

For example he wanted to represent his colony (Virgina) through positions such as governor.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Speech
Patrick Henry Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death 912 West