Sand Creek Connection

October 25, 2021

Susan Webster, Principal

Karen Pedigo, Assistant Principal


This is Red Ribbon Week!

It is Red Ribbon Week. We will be celebrating drug-free lives this week.

There is a special dress-up theme for each day. Here is the list so that you can plan outfits ahead.

Theme Days:

Monday 10/25 “‘Red’-y to Live a Drug-Free Life”- Wear Red.

Tuesday 10/26 “I’m a Jean-ius! I’m Drug Free.”- Wear jeans.

Wednesday 10/27 “Use Your Head, Don’t Do Drugs”- Crazy hair day (please do not dye your hair)

Thursday 10/28 “Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs”- Wear pajamas

Friday 10/29 “Sand Creek Elementary is a Drug Free Winning Team”- wear SCE or sports team apparel.

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